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Brazilian Sword
(Spathiphyllum tasson)
Starting at $5.99
…will do extremely well in your terrarium. Provide at least 3 watts per gallon of full spectrum light (5000-7000K).This plant will add interest to any terrarium. Young plants may be obtained by cutting the rhizome. To keep this plant from overgrowing the terrarium, simply cut back the tall leaves.…
Anubias hastifolia
(Anubias hastifolia)
Starting at $5.49
Distinct arrowhead-shaped leaves add drama to any aquarium aquascape. Anubias hastifolia also has longer stalks than other smaller members of the Anubias genus. The combination of longer stalks and unique leaves gives this plant a more pronounced look when placed amidst other plants in the aquarium…
Cobalt Aquatics Clearvue 20 Mini Internal Filter
Starting at $13.99
…little as two inches of water, which makes it an ideal product for terrariums and turtle habitats, as well. The bottom mounted motor and omni-directional output make the filter highly flexible in placement and use, and in terrarium environments, the filter can even be used to create waterfall…
Cobalt Aquatics Bonsai Tree Natural Decor
Starting at $85.99
*Unique and beautiful trees make a striking addition to aquarium or terrarium decor *Trees will not leach tannins into water *Each tree is all natural and one-of-a-kind Add unique and striking decor to your aquarium or terrarium with a Cobalt Aquatics Bonsai Tree. Each beautiful bonsai tree is all…
Cobalt Aquatics 8000K Mini LED Light
Starting at $59.99
…out 320 Lumens at 8,000K, it s the perfect light for growing plants, and its sleek, modern design makes it an ideal choice for your nano tank, terrarium, or refugium. The unit only uses six watts of power and its advanced LED technology provides 50,000 hours of operating life, making it a highly…
Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Inline Pump
Starting at $32.97
* Powerful propeller pump for aquariums with high water flow needs * Amazing 2,640-gph flow rate creates vital aquarium water movement * Adjustable DC power supply eliminates need for aquarium controllers Take on a variety of aquarium tasks with this compact, inline pump. Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T…
Cobalt Aquatics Clearvue 20 Carbon Sponge Cartridge
Starting at $3.29
*Clear container allows the user to easily see when the media needs cleaning or replacing*Perfect for use in all aquariums, terrariums and turtle habitats*Innovative design allows the user to replace the cartridge without needing to touch the mediaThe Cobalt Aquatics Clearvue 20 Carbon Sponge…
Cobalt Aquatics Clearvue 20 Basic Sponge Cartridge
Starting at $2.79
*Clear container allows the user to easily see when the media needs cleaning or replacing*Cartridge can be recycled, or cleaned and reused as desired*Innovative design allows the user to replace the cartridge without needing to touch the mediaThe Cobalt Aquatics Clearvue 20 Basic Sponge Cartridge…
Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Stat Temperature Controller
Starting at $84.58
…x 3" high. 6 ft water-temperature sensor probe cord.The Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Stat Aquarium Heater Controller is great for use with aquariums or terrariums heaters, heating cables, heating mats, and other heating devices up to 300 watts. Quality European construction with limited 3-year manufacturer…
Cobalt Aquatics Mini MJ Pumps
Starting at $28.09
* Submersible and adjustable water pumps for aquariums, terrariums, and paludariums * Reliable performance and extremely quiet operating pumps * Water pumps automatically shut down if they run dry or overheat Need a water pump that will fit just about anywhere in your aquarium? Check out Cobalt…
Hydor Centrifugal Pumps (formerly Pico Evolution Mini Pumps)
Starting at $7.49
…needs. Unique pump design allows efficient operation even in low aquarium water level conditions. Ideal for tight aquarium spaces and for use in terrariums or table fountains. The high performance Centrifugal Pump is also perfect as a petite powerhead for enhancing water movement in compact nano…
Cobalt Aquatics Clearvue 30 Mini Internal Filter
Starting at $28.89
…the "dirty" parts. Bottom mounted motor and omni-directional output make the filter very flexible in placement and use. It can even be used in terrarium environments to create waterfall effects! Low power consumption and flow rates of up to 160gph. A great filter for tanks up to 45 gallons.Complete…
Static Cling Backgrounds
Starting at $4.99
…directly onto your aquarium and removes easily leaving no messy tape marks or gel residue.Static Cling Backgrounds enhance any aquarium or terrarium environment with visual depth, instantly giving a "fuller" look without taking up valuable aquarium space. Easily update the look of your aquarium…
Supreme Oxy-Flo Air Pump
Starting at $27.99
…single or multiple aquariums, Aqua-Supreme air pumps are great for oxygenating indoor ponds and water gardens, aerating single or multiple terrariums, and oxygenating indoor water features.4W and 8W Aqua-Supreme air pumps let you adjust air flow as desired. Easy-to-use Aqua-Supreme air pumps…
Current USA TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights
Starting at $6.99
…on a summer tropical night, and is also great for terrarium use. The TrueLumen Nocturnal Blue is ideal for use in all freshwater, saltwater and reef tanks to create a mysterious nighttime glow for nocturnal viewing. This is also great for terrarium use.InstallationEasy to install - just plug the 12V…