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Tiger Oscar, Albino
(Astronotus ocellatus)
Starting at $7.69
…Albino Tiger Oscar is a stunning albino variety of the extremely popular Tiger Oscar. Irregular blotches or spattering of orange-red energize an opaque, cream-white body to dramatic effect. The eye-catching Albino Tiger Oscar is so visually dissimilar to the normally dark colored Tiger Oscar that…
Tiger Barb
(Puntius tetrazona)
Starting at $1.99
…can be added to the aquarium, but leave plenty of space for swimming. The Tiger Barb is a very active fish that may pester or even nip the fins of larger, slower moving fish.It is best, when trying to breed the Tiger Barb, to house a number of Barbs in the same aquarium until they pair off.…
Tiger Botia Loach
(Botia hymenophysa)
Starting at $6.99
…Loach is barred with black stripes giving this fish a tiger-like appearance. The Tiger Botia Loach is sometimes referred to as a scaleless fish they do infact have small scales that are embedded in there skin.The Tiger Botia Loach is an active scavenger that is a semi-aggressive fish that enjoys the…
Sea Cucumber, Tiger Tail
(Holothuria sp.)
Starting at $18.99
…water.For best care, the Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber should be kept in larger systems with thick sand beds and rocky caves for shelter. The natural diet of the Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber consists of diatoms, microalgae, bacteria, meaty foods, and other detritus. Interestingly, the Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber…
Orange King Humbert Canna
(Canna king humbert)
Starting at $8.49
The Orange King Humbert Canna, also known as Variegated Water Canna and the Bengal Tiger Canna is a tropical Bog Plant. Water cannas strongly resemble the land canna varieties. The large, dramatic, tropical yellow and green striped foliage of the Orange King Humbert resemble the leaves of a banana…
Tiger Snapping Shrimp
(Alpheus bellulus)
Starting at $19.99
The Tiger Snapping Shrimp may also be called Symbiosis Shrimp and Snapping Shrimp. The body is tan with rust colored broken stripes running across the back. These beneficial shrimp will constantly move gravel making them excellent sand stirrers in the reef aquarium, as well as scavenging any uneaten…
Tiger Watchman Goby
(Valenciennea wardii)
Starting at $49.99
The Tiger Watchman Goby is also known as the Ward's Sleeper, Ward's Tiger, or Tiger Sleeper Goby. It has a white body with brown bands, and an eyespot on the first dorsal fin.It should be housed in a 30 gallon or larger aquarium with live sand as the substrate, and an attached populated refugium. It…
Detritus Attack Pack - Standard
(Miscellaneous sp.)
Starting at $42.99
The Detritus Attack Packs are designed to establish a natural means of controlling the amount of decaying matter that is present in marine aquariums. The number of cleaners in each package is based on our years of experience and will provide enough cleaning power for the size aquarium you are…
Serpent Sea Star, Fancy Tiger Striped
(Ophiolepsis superba)
Starting at $24.99
…Sea Star, Fancy Tiger Striped arms give this member of the Ophiuridae family a unique beauty. Plus, this voracious carnivore can make quick work of any uneaten meaty food it finds fallen throughout your aquarium.Native to reefs around the world, the Serpent Sea Star, Fancy Tiger Stiped is also known…
Tiger Oscar
(Astronotus ocellatus)
Starting at $11.39
The Tiger Oscar is a color variation of Astronotus ocellatus Oscar. It is also known as the Marble Cichlid or the Velvet Cichlid and is a colorful addition to a large aquarium. The Tiger Oscar has a blue-black background with an orange-red pattern. The dorsal fin has an eyespot that is very brightly…
Tiger-Tail Seahorse - Captive-Bred
(Hippocampus comes)
Starting at $34.99
The Tiger-Tail Seahorse is Captive-Bred in Vietnam and is native to the soft coral reefs of Malaysia. This is a beautiful species that is yellow or black in coloration, with stunning markings around the eyes. The males of this species are often times black, while the females are typically yellow.…
Detritus Attack Pack - Mega
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $89.99
(Tiger Striped). Package Contents Quantity of species peraquarium size (gallons) 30 55 75 100 125 Cerith Snails 10 18 25 30 40 Super Tongan Nassarius SnailsorNassarius Snails 6 9 12 17 15 22 20 30 25 36 Fighting Conches 1 2 3 4 5 Peppermint Shrimp 3 5 7 10 12 Serpent Sea Stars,Fancy Tiger
Tiger Ruby Platy
(Xiphophorus maculatus)
Starting at $4.19
The Tiger Ruby Platy represent the growing availability of never-before-seen selectively bred Platy varieties. The striking coloration and the bold tiger stripes make the Tiger Ruby Platy unforgettable. The remarkable patterning on the Tiger Ruby Platy is an unexpected departure from Platy varieties…
Cowrie, Tiger
(Cypraea tigris)
Starting at $36.99
The Tiger Cowrie has an egg-shaped, spotted, glossy shell and is in high demand for the rock aquarium. It differs in color depending upon geographical location. While it does not have an operculum to shut when it retracts its mantle into its shell, the opening is lined with "threatening" tooth-like…
Leaflip Grouper
(Pogonoperca punctata)
Starting at $89.99
…known as the Spotted Soapfish, Snowflake Soapfish, or Leaflip Soapfish, is silverish-brown with white spotting over the entire body. It has black tiger stripes along its dorsal edge.A 125 gallon or larger aquarium is required due to its size and eating habits. It is an aggressive fish and may eat…