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Tiny Fish

72 products
Flashlight Fish
(Anomalops katoptron)
Starting at $89.99
…the form of plankton as these tiny crustaceans are normally attracted to light.Flashlight Fish make an unforgettable display in the aquarium. One interesting fact about this species is that in certain locales around the world, skippers follow schools of Flashlight Fish in order to safely navigate…
Dragonface Pipefish
(Corythoichthys sp.)
Starting at $23.99
…Dragonface Pipefish is also called the Reeftop Pipefish, Messmate Pipefish, Network Pipefish, and Banded Messmate Pipefish. This fish has a long, slender body with a tiny, tubular mouth and a small pink tail. The body is cream colored with highly variable black, pink, and yellow markings. Each…
V2O Cyclops Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $3.98
…small marine fish. With just 2 ingredients (fresh frozen Cyclops and added Vitamin C), V2O Cyclops Frozen Fish Food makes the perfect tiny food offering for your small marine aquarium inhabitants. A nutritionally superior alternative to baby brine shrimp, V2O Cyclops Frozen Fish Food offers…
Banded Pipefish
(Doryrhamphus dactylophorus)
Starting at $15.99
…This fish is a stronger swimmer than its seahorse cousins and rarely comes into direct contact with the substrate. In the wild, the Banded Pipefish can be found swimming under rocky overhangs, corals, or close to the floor of its reef habitat.The Banded Pipefish has a long, slender body with a tiny,
Yellow Belly Regal Blue Tang
(Paracanthurus hepatus var.)
Starting at $54.99
…live rock. However, this active fish also loves to swim. Therefore, ample room to roam around your aquarium is essential for optimum health. Though peaceful towards most tankmates, the Yellow Belly Regal Blue Tang will demonstrate aggressive behavior towards other fish of its own species. To keep…
Blue Tang
(Paracanthurus hepatus)
Starting at $54.99
…common name, Paracanthurus hepatus fish is equal parts beauty and peacefulness that suits almost any large community marine aquarium.Native to reefs across the Indo-Pacific, the Blue Tang relishes a good hiding location amongst live rock. However, this active fish also loves to swim. Therefore,…
Sparkling Gourami
(Trichopsis pumilus)
Starting at $1.39
…gem of freshwater aquariums. With its gorgeous golden body speckled with flecks of iridescent red and fins adorned with blue and green spots, the tiny Trichopsis pumilus is simply stunning. In spite of its beauty, the Sparkling Gourami remains humble and peaceful towards its tankmates. Native to the…
Cave Shrimp
(Stenopus pyrsonotus)
Starting at $49.99
…successful. Larvae are generally destroyed by filtration and skimming.In the wild, the Cave Shrimp feeds on parasites, dead tissue removed from fish, and other tiny organisms. In the home aquarium, it will accept most flaked and frozen foods, plankton, and meaty items.Approximate Purchase Size: 2"…
Ghost Shrimp - Freshwater
(Paleomonetes sp.)
Starting at $1.59
…rotifers, or a suitable liquid food.Ghost shrimp are an excellent food source for many types of both freshwater and saltwater fish. They are great for getting hard to feed fish such as seahorses, lionfish, grunts, and newly born sharks to begin feeding.The Ghost Shrimp are omnivores and will consume…
Clown Loach
(Chromobotia macracantha)
Starting at $6.99
The Clown Loach is a must-have fish for many freshwater enthusiasts. It is peaceful and gets along well with almost any tankmate. The Clown Loach is also entertaining to watch and feed. Unlike true nocturnal loaches, the Clown Loach is active during the day but will shy from bright light and hide…
Nassarius Snail, Tiny (Build Your Own Kit) - 10 Pack
(Nassarius sp.)
Starting at $8
The Nassarius snail is a tiny scavenger with an oval spiral shell that resembles an olive pit, with a long tube-like siphon that protrudes from the end of the shell. One of the most ideal scavenger and detritus eaters, these snails are perfect for the reef aquarium, quickly consuming detritus,…
Drs. Foster & Smith Fish Acclimation Kit
Starting at $3.99
…stress and shock * Ideal for the acclimation of sensitive fish, invertebrates, or corals Acclimate sensitive fish or invertebrates like the pros. Easy-to-use drip acclimation system gradually equalizes water parameters to minimize fish stress and shock. Simply hook rigid U-tube onto aquarium rim…
Ocean Nutrition Special Formula VHP Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $6.99
fish. Ideal for carnivorous and omnivorous freshwater and marine fish during acclimation or quarantine or when treating sick fish. While living on a coral reef, marine tropical fish encounter a highly varied and specialized menu of plankton, coral polyps, tiny shrimp-like crustaceans, fish,
V2O Rotifers Blister Cubes
Starting at $3.98
…corals, gorgonians, zooanthids and sponges, and more. Used widely in the aquaculture industry, they are also the perfect food for very tiny or larval fish. Gut-loaded with phytoplankton, the Rotifers Blister Cubes are a clean and natural product your invertebrates will love. Guaranteed…
Tobacco Basslet
(Serranus tabacarius)
Starting at $21.99
…band.This basslet is a very hardy aquarium species and does best in the fish only aquarium or reef aquarium with caution. Larger Tobacco Basslets can can pose a threat to small crustaceans and smaller fishes, especially tiny damselfish, small gobies, and blennies. A single individual should be…