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Under Gravel Filter

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Marineland Emperor BIO-Wheel Powerfilters
Starting at $41.24
…Strainer. Replace the Filter Cartridge with a new Rite-Size "E" Filter Cartridge. Rinse and/or replace any optional course filter media. Siphon-clean the gravel bed. Complete a suitable, partial water change. Re-assemble all components and the Emperor BIO-Wheel Filter System. Create a drip loop…
Reaction 4-Stage Canister Filters
Starting at $6.39
under the sink for 30 seconds or until the water runs clear before starting the filters.Filling the Canister FilterOnce the activated carbon bag has been rinsed, place back into the filter basket and fill up with aquarium water to 95% of the capacity of the filter. Clamp cover back on to the filter
Eheim Quick Vac Pro
Starting at $49.99
…main aquarium filter quickly removes this.Cleaning the Filter ElementPress the two locking buttons on the sides and pull out the Filter Element. Remove one or both covers from the Filter Element and thoroughly clean filter by placing it under running water. After cleaning the filter, replace the…
Fan-Cooled Nano Cube Aquariums
Starting at $199.99
…the equipment.MONTHLY Rinse out sponge filter (located in the rear of the aquarium) under sink faucet monthly and replace when necessary. Remove and replace activated carbon bag monthly. New bags should be rinsed under sink faucet before installing into filter compartment. Replace bulbs annually. Do…
GloFish® 20-Gallon Aquarium & Gravel Kit
Starting at $184.99
…anemone, two bags of black gravel, two bags of multicolored gravel, and a fish net. GloFish and fluorescent décor and gravel is specially selected to stand out under the blue lighting to create a colorful, neon display in your home the whole family can enjoy. Each bag of gravel weighs five pounds.…
Replacement Media for Fluval AquaVAC+ Water Changer & Gravel Cleaner
Starting at $3.99
…operation Filter Cartridge MaintenanceInstructionsCleaning the Filter CartridgePull out the Filter Cartridge and remove the end cap pieces from both ends of the Filter Cartridge. Remove the Foam Filter Insert; rinse or replace with new Foam Filter Insert.Rinse Filter Cartridge under running…
Whisper EX Power Filter
Starting at $9.99
…Carbon Filter Access Door and lift out Carbon Filter Carrier.Hold Carbon Filter Carrier above Carbon Filter Access Door for a few seconds to drain water. Then invert Carbon Filter Carrier at a 45-degree angle and carry to waste bin.Squeeze Carbon Filter Carrier Handle to drop dirty Carbon Filter
Eheim 9G Aquastyle Aquarium - 2 Pack Filter Replacement Pads
Starting at $7.99
…Add gravel to aquarium. Clean all decorations under running water prior to adding to aquarium. Decorate aquarium interior. NOTE: The manufacturer recommends that you use only décor that is suited for aquarium use and that is available at aquarium retailers. TIP: Hide the equipment (filter, heater)…
Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium
Starting at $34.99
…edge.Filter Placement Remove the Filter Cartridge from package and insert into Filter Housing. Note: Replace Filter Cartridge every three to four weeks for optimal fish health. Replace Glass Globe. Snap Filter Holder with Filter Housing and Pump on lip of Glass Globe under LED Light.Turn Waterfall…
CerMedia MarinePure Biofilter Media
Starting at $28.99
…m2 (5,750 ft2) 100 gallons indefinitely Directions for UseRinse new media under tap water to remove any loose particles. Rinse again with aquarium water to remove any chlorine from tap water. Locate media in sump, under gravel bed, as part of reef structure, or place directly in water flow.
Fluval Q1 & Q2 Air Pumps
Starting at $17.99
*Powerful, advanced swing-arm and diaphragm air pumps create consistent, reliable air flow ideal for airstones, corner filters, under-gravel filters, and ornaments*Virtually silent air pumps feature double-walled construction, integrated pump well, noise-suppressing baffle chamber, and rubber…
Marineland Contour Desktop Aquarium Kits
Starting at $59.99
…installed properly, the Glass Canopy slides back under the Filter Cover to provide easy access to the front of the Tank for feeding and maintenance.Plug Filter Pump and LED Light into outlet.Make drip loops for safety.MaintenanceReplace the Filter Cartridge every two to four weeks.Top off water to…
DrTim's Aquatics Waste-Away Natural Aquarium Cleaner
Starting at $14.74
gravel and crushed coral beds Address the underlying source of cyanobacteria and algae. Dr. Tim's Aquatics Waste-Away Natural Aquarium Cleaner attacks and dissolves hidden organic aquarium waste quickly with 100% natural sludge-reducing bacteria! Use weekly to extend the life of your filters,
Coralife® Luft Pump Aquarium Air Pump
Starting at $54.99
…choice for high resistance or multiple output applications.Suggested Use:Protein skimmersOzone/oxygen reactorsAir pump-driven ornamentsUnder gravel filters Flow Rate Data Aquarium Depth Airflow* (Liters/min) 0 ft 4.00 1 ft 2.69 2 ft 2.43 3 ft…
JBJ Rimless Flat Panel AlO 65 Gal. Aquarium
Starting at $450
…room temperature water.Rinse Micron Sock (located in the rear filter compartment) under the sink for 30 seconds or until water runs clear.Fill the main body of the Rimless Flat Panel until water flows through overflow on the filter wall. Once the back filter/pump chamber is full, plug in pump power…