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Cobalt International MJ Multi-Purpose Powerhead Pump
Starting at $33.95
…International MJ Multi-Purpose Powerhead Pump is great for use with wave makers, protein skimmers, calcium reactors, nano aquariums, undergravel filters and any application where reliable water movement or circulation is essential.Includes: Fully rotational output Fully sealed intake…
Lee's Premium Undergravel Filter
Starting at $2.99
…aquarium inhabitants. If you wish, you may use the Premium Undergravel Filter with a power filter to optimize aquarium water quality.Lee's Premium Undergravel Filter feature hard-plastic plates with a multi-level design to enhance the undergravel filter's overall structural strength. Plates resist…
Penguin Powerheads
Starting at $2.99
…breaks water surface. Cut Undergravel Lift Tube as needed. Make certain Lift Tube is cut straight so that Lift Tube Adapter seals properly and power head remains level. Adjust Lift Tube Adapter/Strainer: Slightly twist and slip Lift Tube Adapter down into Undergravel Lift Tube until properly seated.…
Marineland Maxi-Jet PRO Water Pumps
Starting at $4.99
…Use) Assemble Magnet and Impeller. Insert Impeller Assembly into Impeller Well. Attach Impeller Cover. Slide Undergravel Adapter over Intake. Slide Strainer/Prefilter onto Undergravel Adapter. Attach the Rotational Output over the Outtake. Attach the Tube onto the Rotational Output. Insert the…
Hagen AquaClear Powerheads
Starting at $3.99
*For freshwater and saltwater aquariums*Variable flow control powerhead great for undergravel filters*Adjustable clamp fits most aquariumsThis dependable model increases water flow through undergravel filters to improve their filtering efficiency. It also oxygenates water to sustain beneficial…
Poly Filters
Starting at $6.99
…and Freshwater Aquariums:For Conventional Power Filters: Place the Poly Filter in cartridge slots.Plastic Undergravel Filters: Place the Poly Filter on top of the undergravel plate. Cover filter and plate with gravel.Canister Filters: Place the Poly Filter in the chemical filter…
Coralife Super Luft Air Pump
Starting at $59.99
…air pumps are perfect for protein skimmers, ozone/oxygen reactors and other aquarium devices. Drives numerous limewood and other airstones, undergravel filters, foam filters, corner filters, air-driven filters and ornaments even in deep-water applications. 3/8" outlet. Includes adjustable 4-outlet…
CaribSea Eco-Complete African Cichlid Substrates
Starting at $22.39
…and featherfins. Eco-Complete Cichlid Gravel has a coarser grade perfect for larger aquariums housing African Cichlids; use with or without an undergravel filter. Ivory Coast, NEW Zack Black and NEW White Sand, with medium-sized grain, add decorative contrast to your cichlid aquarium. 20 pound bags.…
Whisper Air Pumps
Starting at $6.99
…walls insulate motor noise. Helps maintain optimum oxygen levels in your aquarium and delivers ample airflow for deepwater applications. Use with undergravel filters, airstones, and bubble wands. Model # Aquarium Size Outlets OverallDimensions 10 up to 10 gallons 1 outlet 3.875" x 2.75" x 5.5" 20…
Drs. Foster & Smith PhosPure® Filter Media
Starting at $10.99
…too vigorously. Applications:For Aquariums: Use in canister filters, power filters, sumps, refugiums, corner filters, or next to uplift tube of undergravel filters. For Ponds: Use in filter or pond skimmer. NOTE: In filters that receive infrequent servicing or aquariums with aggressive scum, three…
CaribSea Arag-Alive
Starting at $23.1
…Pink Sand#4 Coarse 2-4 mm; 12 lbs Bermuda Pink has identical properties to Florida Crushed Coral but with natural pink highlights. Suitable for undergravel filtration systems or as a textural admixture to reef sands.--> Hawaiian Black Sand0.25-3.5mm; available in 20 lb water packed bagRe-create…
Fluval Q1 & Q2 Air Pumps
Starting at $17.99
*Powerful, advanced swing-arm and diaphragm air pumps create consistent, reliable air flow ideal for airstones, corner filters, under-gravel filters, and ornaments*Virtually silent air pumps feature double-walled construction, integrated pump well, noise-suppressing baffle chamber, and rubber…
Marineland Emperor BIO-Wheel Powerfilters
Starting at $39.99
…best power filter when it comes to biological filtration. BIO-Wheel is scientifically proven to be better than frames, foams, fluidized beds, under-gravel filters, and other submerged biomedia.* NOTE: Fine media must be placed in a mesh bag inside of the refillable media container to avoid leakage…