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Water Test

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Seachem Nitrite/Nitrate Test Kits
Starting at $14.78
* 75 tests in each kit * Test reference included * High sensitivity levels ensure precise results An economical solution for making sure your aquarium's chemical and mineral levels stay in balance. Each kit includes 75 tests with supplementary test references. High sensitivity levels for each…
Fluval® Nitrate Test Kit
Starting at $19.99
…a partial water change is an effective way to control high concentrations of nitrate. Ensure that the replacement water does not have high levels of nitrate to begin with.HOW DOES THE TEST WORK?1. Take a sample of the water to be tested with the pipette. Use it to fill a clean test tube to the…
Tetra EasyStrips Aquarium Test Strips
Starting at $8.99
*Convenient test strips for fresh or saltwater aquariums *Fast and easy way to test vital aquarium water parameters*Maintain aquarium water quality through simple routine testsTesting aquarium water quality is as easy as "Dip and Read!" Tetra EasyStrips Aquarium Test Strips prove accurate testing
Jimbo's Gumbos CHUNKY GUMBO Frozen Food for Predator Aquariums
Starting at $10
…started making the foods 7 years ago when breeding and raising clown fish commercially. Through years of research and testing, he has perfected the blends. Jim has been around water all his life, including serving in the United States Navy and as a fish and pet store owner/operator for 5 years…
API GH/KH Test Kit
Starting at $8.29
…before testing. Do not allow Test Solutions to get into aquarium. Remove childproof safety cap using one hand to push red tab while unscrewing cap with free hand. Rinse a clean test tube with water to be tested. Fill the test tube with 5 ml of aquarium water (to the line on the test tube). Add…
API 5 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips
Starting at $12.99
…in water. These minerals are present in municipal, well, and bottled spring water. The GH in tap water depends on the source of the water and the treatment processes it has undergone. Hard water (?200 ppm) is high in calcium and magnesium. Soft water (50 to 100 ppm) is low in these minerals. Testing
API pH Test Kits
Starting at $5.09
…the test solution against color chart for accurate test results pH Test Kit - pH control is imperative to prevent the harmful effects of water that is either too alkaline or too acidic for fish and plant life. Tests pH levels from 6.0 to 7.6. 250 tests per kit. For freshwater.pH High Range Test Kit…
Salifert Copper Test Kit
Starting at $8.49
* Professional test kit accurately measures copper in aquarium water * Test residual copper levels before and after using copper-based medications * Salifert test kits are trusted by aquarium hobbyists who demand the best Sensitive and accurate test for measuring dissolved or weakly chelated…
Salifert pH Test Kit
Starting at $3.24
* Liquid test kit for precise testing and monitoring of marine pH * Fast and accurate test results allow timely pH corrections * Fundamental aquarium water parameter test kit The reef hobbyist's choice for monitoring aquarium pH. Salifert pH Test Kit is accurate to approximately 0.2 pH units so…
Salifert Iodine Test Kit
Starting at $17.49
…the iodide concentration is far above 0.2 ppm.After each test rinse the test vial about ten times with tap or RO water.Instructions for Iodate and Iodine Test: Rinse test vial before use with a little aquarium water. Then add 2 ml of water with the syringe. Add 1 drop of I2-2 reagent and swirl…
API Copper Test Kit
Starting at $8.89
…before testing. Do not allow test solution to get into aquarium.To remove childproof safety cap: With one hand, push red tab left with thumb while unscrewing cap with free hand. Fill the test tube with 5 ml of water to be tested (to the line on the test tube).Add 10 drops of copper test solution,…
API Phosphate Test Kit
Starting at $12.19
…API Phosphate Test Kit reads 0-10 ppm total phosphate. Use in marine, reef, or freshwater aquariums.Directions for Testing PhosphateSTEP 1 Fill the test tube with 5 ml of water to be tested (to the line on the tube).STEP 2 Add 6 drops from Phosphate Test Solution Bottle #1 to the test tube. Hold the…
Salifert Phosphate Test Kit
Starting at $9.99
test is ideal for routine testing and low range is designed for scrupulous monitoring of reef aquariums. 60 tests. For use in marine, freshwater aquariums, and water garden ponds.Low Range: 0.01 to 1.0 ppmMedium Range: 0.02 to 2.0 ppmInstructions: Use the syringe and add 10 ml of water in the test
Salifert Ammonia Test Kit
Starting at $8.49
…aquarium water * Precision ammonia test kit detects total ammonia levels as low as 0.5 ppm Salifert Ammonia Test Kit accurately measures total ammonia (NH3 and NH4+). Favored by aquarium hobbyists who demand the best, Salifert professional test kits offer the convenience of home test kits and…
Salifert Magnesium Test Kit
Starting at $24.99
test can be used for testing Marine water only.Calcium and strontium will not interfere when their total concentration is between 300 and 500 ppm. This is mostly the case.WARNINGKeep out of reach of children. Not for consumption.INSTRUCTIONSAdd with the 2 ml syringe 2 ml of water to the test