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Whisper Filter

16 products
Whisper Power Filter Impeller Assemblies
Starting at $2.99
…Impellers are available for Whisper Power Filter Models 1, 2, 3, 4, 30, 40, 60, and Triad 1000, 2000, 3000 filters.Whisper Power Filter EnergizerReplacement Energizer (motor) for Whisper Power Filter Models 3 and 4. Simply remove the old energizer from your Whisper power filter and replace it with…
Whisper EX Power Filter
Starting at $2.49
…maximizes filter performance and aquarium oxygenation. Bio-Scrubber insert ensures excellent biological filtration and reusable clamshell filter frame functions as a no-touch, drip-free carrier for fast and convenient filter media change. Features: SilentFilter Technology - The Whisper EX is ready…
Tetra Whisper Power Filters
Starting at $22.49
…3-stage power filters for clean, clear aquarium water * Reliable filter performance loaded with convenient features * Provides efficient mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration Whisper Power Filters are the best-selling brand of power filters in the U.S. Appropriate…
Whisper In-Tank Filters
Starting at $5.99
…pre-assembled Whisper Bio-Bag filter cartridge. Additional filter cartridges available. Model gph AquariumSize 10i 90 2-10 gallons 20i 125 10-20 gallons 40i 170 20-40 gallons The virtually silent submerged motor gives you power filter performance inside your aquarium. Filter pulls water…
Whisper® IQ Power Filter
Starting at $49.99
Whisper® IQ filters use StayClean technology for easier maintenance and healthy fish. A sound barrier decouples motor from filter to give you the quiet you've always wanted. With better materials and impeller upgrades, these filters are made to last. It's time for a filter that's easy to use and…
Whisper Bio-Bags
Starting at $8.59
…Aquariums Medium(formerly Junior) Whisper Power Filter 10 & Whisper In-Tank Filter 10i Large(formerly Regular) Whisper Power Filters C, 1, 2, 3,20, 30, 40, 60 & all Triad filters & Whisper In-Tank Filter 20i & 40i Extra Large Whisper Power Filters 4 & 5 How to use the Bio-Bag Cartridge:To…
Whisper Bio-Foam Kit
Starting at $2.99
…biological filter cartridge for Tetra Whisper Power Filters *Enhance biological filtration to boost aquarium water quality*Simple biological filter upgrade ideal for heavily stocked aquariumsBio-Foam provides an extreme amount of surface area for optimal biological filtration. Kits fit Tetra Whisper
Whisper Air Pumps
Starting at $6.99
Whisper Air PumpNote:Use a check-valve between the pump and the aquarium if the Whisper Air Pump is placed on a surface lower than the water level of the aquarium. The check valve helps stop water from siphoning into your air pump in the event of an electrical power failure or when removing filters
Tetra Whisper Deepwater Pumps
Starting at $54.99
…a shelf as described in option 2, and use a Whisper Check Valve.Customizing Your Installation with Whisper ValvesYour air pump is powerful as well as quiet. Depending on the size and depth of your aquarium(s), you can power several airstones and filtering devices with one air pump. You can customize…
Whisper® Bio-Bag® Cartridges with Stay Clean Technology
Starting at $18.99
…to filter and active cleaning technology reduces buildup on glass. The Whisper® Bio-Bag® Cartridges with Stay Clean Technology prevents pH crashes and makes maintaining stable water a simple process.Whisper® Bio-Bag® Cartridges with Stay Clean Technology Medium fits - Whisper IQ 10, Whisper 10i,…
Tetra GloFish® 20-Gallon Aquarium Kit
Starting at $139.99
…are perfect for hobbyists and beginners alike.You can experience your own Glo with the Tetra GloFish 20-Gallon Aquarium Kit! Kit includes a Whisper 20 Filter, 100W Tetra Heater, plastic hood, 13 GloFish Light Stick, two multi-packs that contain Three GloFish plants in each pack, and one GloFish…
Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium
Starting at $34.99
…Pump-driven power filter with waterfall spillway Whisper 3i Bio-Bag Small Cartridge Single low-voltage cord powers both filter and LED light On/Off switch for LED light Setup guideQuick Setup GuideRemove Glass Globe and Bubble Wrap Rotate the LED light up to access the Filter Assembly and Glass…
Deep Water Pump Repair Kits
Starting at $5.49
…Kit for Tetra Whisper Pump (formerly Tetratec Deep Water Pumps) Models DW-96 KitIncludes (1) Air Filter, (1) Repair Kit Wrench, (2) Diaphragm Assemblies, (2) Rubber Armature Hinges, (4) Rubber Retaining Plugs, (4) Silaflex II Valve Flappers.--->DW-96-2 KitIncludes (1) Air Filter, (1) Repair Kit…
GloFish® 20-Gallon Aquarium & Gravel Kit
Starting at $184.99
…in your home, office, or classroom*Aquarium constructed with scratch-resistant glass*Includes decorative plants, 4 bags of gravel, heater, filter, plastic hood, GloFish light stick, and net GloFish fluorescent fish are born brilliant! They are not injected or dyed. They inherit their harmless,…
COR-15/20 Intelligent Return Pump
Starting at $274.95
…is both extremely energy efficient and remarkably quiet, plus with obstruction detection, you'll receive an alert on your mobile phone if snails, filter pads, or other foreign objects find their way into your pump.The pump driver is continually monitoring the internal temperature of the COR pump…