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White Pufferfish

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Bennett's Sharpnose Puffer
(Canthigaster bennetti)
Starting at $29.99
…streamers were scattered across a field. Beneath this colorful pattern is a body color divided by a stormy, olive gray dorsal half and a pearly white ventral half. The overall effect is an energetic coloration that suits the inquisitive and personable Bennett's Sharpnose Puffer.The Bennett's…
Spotted Puffer
(Canthigaster jactator)
Starting at $26.99
The Spotted Puffer is also called the White Spotted Sharpnose Puffer, or White Spot Hawaiian Puffer. Members of the Canthigaster genus are called Sharp-nosed Puffers or Tobies. It is a reddish brown with white spots. It lacks pelvic fins, but has learned to use the pectoral fins to move about the…