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Yellow Tube Coral

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13 products
Tube Coral, Yellow
(Tubastrea sp.)
Starting at $49.99
…the tip of each tube. In the wild, the Tubastrea Yellow Tube Coral is often found on reef ledges or steep reef slopes. It is a colonial coral with a sunny yellow coloration when open. The center skeleton is round with the tubes branching off in all directions.The Yellow Tube Coral can be quite…
Banded Butterflyfish
(Chaetodon striatus)
Starting at $29.99
…shallow waters around coral reefs. Most active during the day, and sleeping at night, they seek shelter in the evening, as they are highly vulnerable to larger predators.The Banded Butterflyfish is a carnivore, feeding on reef inhabitants such as tube worms, anemones, corals, and occasionally…
Dwarf Colored Feather Duster
(Bispira sp.)
Starting at $11.99
…a parchment tube to cover itself. When it is disturbed or threatened, it can quickly pull its radiole into the tube. If the Dwarf Colored Feather Duster is severely stressed, it will discard its crown, growing it back later.The Dwarf Colored Feather Duster is usually found in the coral rubble at the…
AquaticLife 1/4" Polyethylene Tubing, Yellow
Starting at $12.99
"yellow" to easily identify incoming water supply lineDurable, flexible, and easy-to-plumb polyethylene tubing ideal for aquarium reverse osmosis applications. AquaticLife 1/4" Polyethylene Tubing, Yellow is nontoxic and highly resistive to stress cracking from liquid. Use yellow, color-coded tubing
API KH/Carbonate and Calcium Test Kits
Starting at $5.79
…through the tube. The carbonate hardness value is determined by the number of drops of the reagent that must be added to turn the water in the test tube to bright yellow. Calcium Test KitCalcium is one of the most important elements in a reef aquarium. Reef invertebrates such as corals, crustaceans,…
Super Flora Giesemann POWERCHROME T5 Lamps from CoralVue
Starting at $19.95
…39, 54 and 80 watts. Five new Reef Aquarium series T5 blends provide much greater PAR than previous versions and enhances the color and growth of corals while producing an excellent light rendition for optimum aesthetics. Two unique freshwater T5 blends, particular for tropical aquariums and for the…
Hamilton Technology 36" 96W Dual White 6,700°K & 10,000°K Square Pin Compact Fluorescent Bulb
Starting at $29.95
…lighting you demand. One tube emits 6,700°K white daylight, while the other tube emits 10,000°K super-white daylight.The Hamilton Technology 36" 96W Dual White 6,700°K & 10,000°K Square Pin Compact Fluorescent Bulb is ideal for the proper growth and development of plants, corals, and invertebrates.…
Hamilton Technology 96W Super Daylight 10,000°K & True Super Actinic Blue 03 420nm Sq. Pin CF Bulb
Starting at $29.95
…Bulb is ideal for the proper growth and development of fish, corals, anemones, and invertebrates. The combination of intense, white daylight in one tube and dark, actinic, royal-blue light in the other tube also enhances the beauty and color vibrancy of your aquarium inhabitants.Recommended…
AquaticLife Smart Buddie Booster Pump
Starting at $129.99
…included transformer.Hose ConnectionSupply Water Connection Insert 1/4" yellow Supply Line Tubing from final pre-filter (usually the Carbon) into the top right connection. Insert 1/4" yellow Supply Line Tubing from the bottom right connection into the supply side of the membrane housing.Waste/Flush…
API Reef Master Liquid Test Kit
Starting at $22.99
…clear to pale yellow after the first drop is added. Cap the test tube and invert several times after each drop. Keep count of the drops being added. Do not hold finger over open end of the tube, as this may affect the test results.The test is completed when the water in the test tube, after having…
Hamilton Technology 36" 96W Super Daylight 10,000°K Square Pin Compact Fluorescent Bulb
Starting at $29.95
…reef, or freshwater aquarium *Rare-earth, color-enhancing phosphors create bright, sparkling white daylight *Ideal for the health of plants, corals, anemones, and invertebrates*Concentrated light intensity, color spectrum, color stability, and wavelength Light up your marine, reef, or freshwater…
Linckia Sea Star, Purple
(Linckia teres)
Starting at $59.99
yellow tube feet and fuzzy appearance on close inspection. This sea star is one of the most popular with reef enthusiasts and thrives when maintained in good water conditions. A very active star, this species is normally visible during the day.It prefers a well-lit aquarium with a sandy, coral
Hamilton Technology Linear Pin Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Starting at $19.99
…aquariums. Actinic Blue 460nm promotes photosynthesis essential for the health of corals and invertebrates. Provides a clear blue color to your aquarium that intensifies the beauty and vibrant color in fish, coral and marine life. Best supplemented with 6,700°K White Daylight or 10,000°K Super…